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"Got the time on you, mate?"
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Getting sick of being asked for the time by total strangers on the street? These wasteful encounters can now be avoided thanks to the 'face-clock'.

The Roman numerals I to XII are branded or tattooed in a circle on the forehead and a miniature clock mechanism (with hour, minute and second hands) is stuck or surgically implanted in the middle allowing passers-by to casually keep check on the time of day. The clock face actually consists of *your* face.

Now you'll be the one asking strangers for the time!

berno, Dec 08 2005


       I have long pondered why these strangers do not have their own watches. After all, reliable watches can be easily bought for $5 to $10 in most locales.   

       Now, there are those would-be muggers or shills, who will ask the time in order to see the expense of your watch. Aside from those, however, I can only assume these people are looking for human contact, and you do badly to rebuff their advances.   

       Btw, if you use a reverse clock, then you can tell the time simply by looking in mirrors or windows.
DrCurry, Dec 08 2005

       Why should I have a clock surgically implanted on my forehead for the benefit of complete strangers?
hidden truths, Dec 08 2005

       Because you can! "What time is it?" "Why, it's left ear after nose o'clock. No, wait...sorry, I was looking in the mirror"
sleeka, Dec 08 2005

       or maybe instead of painfully implanting mechanical hands into your face, your nose could act as the centrepoint of a sundial and simply cast a shadow on the time.
shinobi, Dec 10 2005

       //Now you'll be the one asking strangers for the time!//
Or for them to stop staring.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2005


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