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Face-OFF (image-search criteria)

I'm not designing an advert
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It would be extraordinarily helpful if stock photography sites included a check box for "Not facing the camera".

I work as a page setter for a magazine and picture editor for our website. A photo of someone smiling at the camera might be useful to sell a product, but in an impartial news wire, it looks unprofessional and corny.

Nevertheless, when searching for any image, the majority of models are staring down the lens, gurning or smiling or looking broody, moody or confused. It would save me hours over the course of a week to have them weeded out.

theleopard, Oct 18 2016


       The sort of idea for which the halfbakery was created.
tatterdemalion, Oct 18 2016

       There's algorithms out there that ought to be able to do this - setting Eye Count = 1 might do the trick. Other metrics might include Smile Existence = T/F or (for stock photography particularly) Pointing Finger = No.
zen_tom, Oct 18 2016

       Why not just use Photoshop to rotate the image 90 degrees so the person is looking sidewards?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2016

       That sounds like the punchline to a very nerdy joke.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2016


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