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Facial Recognition Porn Website

Online archive to search for porn stars
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You somehow acquire a jpeg of the hottest pornstar you've ever seen.

Problem is you don't know the broads name.

You upload the jpeg to a website, background apps search sections of body region to match your photo to the database of her/his record with name, photos, stats, etc....

boogalooShrimp, May 10 2005

Font Find by Image http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
[boogalooShrimp, May 10 2005]

Slogan: "* A NEW Way To Find Porn *" http://www.miltonsoft.com/
Supports "search by image", pretty much as described. [jutta, Jul 12 2005]

MyHeritage - Family 2.0 and Genealogy http://www.myheritage.com/
Face recognition for your photos and family tree [boogalooShrimp, Jan 12 2007]


       Can't remember her name, but her face brings a swell.
Ling, May 10 2005

       could it get me her phone number?
goatfaceKilla, May 10 2005

       This would be a good way to screen potential boy/girlfriends. You wouldn't want to go out with someone who hadn't been in at least a few adult photo shoots.
benfrost, May 10 2005

       search for your friends mom, you know, the one who you'd always have to hide behind the counter from when she cooked you and jimmy grilled cheese sandwiches
Blumster, May 10 2005

       OK, just hypothetically, let's say I had taken a photo with my own camera, but the subject was clothed. Could I then submit it to your website and see if the database contained any other photos of her...? Or am I off base here?
millionthMonkeyTyping, May 10 2005

       I mis-parsed [Blumster]'s as "(when she cooked you) (and jimmy grilled cheese sandwiches)". Ha.
drzeus, May 10 2005

       For porn stars, would the face be the part of the anatomy you'd want a searchable, feature recognition equipped data base of?
doctorremulac3, May 10 2005

       Facial recognition, combined with software to simulate aging of the face is already used by the police in the UK to identify victims of child pornography.
hippo, Jul 12 2005

       I amazed this hasn't been boned by someone yet. Not that I'm going to - in essence it's a good idea.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       I think the concept of boning a pornographic idea is just too intimidating.
joeforker, Jul 12 2005

       you could put your own photo in and either a) see if you have been in any porn before or b) see which porn star you most resemble.
benfrost, Jul 12 2005

       c) see which porn star would make the most convincing fake photoshop-porn of someone you know
joeforker, Jul 12 2005

       Put in animals and see which porn stars most resembled... no actually, don't. I can think of a reason not to do this.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       This is all fun and games until you find your wife (or mother!) on the site...
DrCurry, Jul 12 2005

       This would also help you figure out which girls in your high school really WERE sluts.
shapu, Jul 12 2005

       Yes, it appears in a 1024x384 window in the bottom of your screen.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       I almost hate to put something "serious" in this list of annos, but I thought of something like this a while back while standing in front of one of those "lost children" bulletin boards at a Walmart.   

       Wouldn't it be great if facial recognition software could be made to run on a vast array of images -- not just internet porn, but security camera footage as well.   

       Finding some of these kids would certainly get more likely if it worked out that way.
zigness, Feb 11 2006

       //Wouldn't it be great if facial recognition software could be made to run on a vast array of images -- not just internet porn, but security camera footage as well.// It's on the way.
wagster, Feb 11 2006

       True facial recognition is a damn hard problem. People have been working on it for at least fourty years, and it has always been just around the corner.   

       Problem is that faces are extremely subtle. Fractional millimeters of spacing, and tiny variations in pigment are very significant. As a test, did a google image search for "headshot" and picked the first two women whose pictures are in color, and sampled their skin tones. The first woman is obviously "white", her skin tone is d06d43. The second woman is obviously "black", her cheek color is b47d68. This is a very slight difference, even though the first woman is rather light skinned, and the second is rather dark. But because we are looking at skin tone, we see a lot of difference.   

       The human brain is hardwired to make these distinctions, in fact it is one of the first things we can do. Basically it's breath, eat, poo, spot and track faces. Getting computers to do this is difficult, just as getting them to speak or understand spoken language is very difficult.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 11 2006

       Yes, it's very difficult, but there's an awful lot of money and brainpower being poured into it.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

       Casino's in the US and other places already have a form of Facial recognition software in place to monitor for known cheats.
jhomrighaus, Jan 12 2007


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