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Facebook Novelty App

"See what you would have dressed like 400 years ago."
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Facebook has novelty apps that do crazy things with your face like show what you'd look like old, or young, even what you'd look like as the opposite sex. Weirdest thing I've ever said or even thought after trying the "You as the opposite sex" app was "Wow! I make a totally hot chick!". Kind of disturbing really. When I did the opposite and said I was a gal and turned on the "Make me look like a man" it was just me older and a little more brutish looking. Try it if you come across it. Interesting and kind of creepy.

So inspired by a company that takes your picture and puts you in old royalty or military garb for a price, this one takes your picture and what you do for a living and shows how you would have dressed 400 years ago.

Are you a farmer? Now you drive a high tech machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to harvest your crops and you probaby wear jeans, tshirt and boots, but 400 years ago you'd dress as a peasant holding a scythe. Are you a lifelong politician? You'd be dressed as a lord or royalty. (which I find disgusting but ok) In the military? What rank? They had ranks back then as well and you'd be matched with the dress for that rank at the time. Admiral? Sailor? Soldier?

Scientist, author, doctor, cop, entertainer, they had all of those back then and it would be interesting to see yourself or somebody you know through the filter of time like that.

doctorremulac3, Jun 14 2020

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       I believe we have lived many lives in the last 400 years and been many diverse beings. My image when I try and see my past lives shows up as an Indian Brave, an Eastern Indian woman, I think a fairy, and perhaps a panther. They kind of come and go and one day I'm one being, and the next day someone/thing else.   

       I'd be interested in seeing what 400 years ago I would have dressed like. Instead of period dressing as they do here at the Lincoln Monuments here, we could do that.
blissmiss, Jun 14 2020

       Nice, Allows a very specialised research area another application to reach the masses. [+] for subtle education.
wjt, Jun 15 2020


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