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Social network to support young blood donors
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With the linked news that the blood of dying virgins may actually revivify decrepit oldsters, an opportunity arises for a monetized social network to strengthen the group of young people that can evolve to support itself around the activity of blood "donation".

Otherwise it is going to be like the Middle Ages all over again with people impaled on poles outside castles and everything.

FaceBlood will get the goods from donor to donee and make sure donor gets compensated according to need and youngness, and has the protection of others in their similar situation, and make sure that the oldster pays up and also has the opportunity to plot and scheme nefarious deeds with their network of crotchety parasites.

JesusHChrist, May 09 2014

Young blood can fix aging http://www.technolo...ng-blood-fix-aging/
[JesusHChrist, May 09 2014]

Blood created in Lab http://www.smartpla...man-blood-succeeds/
[MisterQED, May 09 2014]

Youngbloods http://en.wikipedia...iki/The_Youngbloods
[normzone, May 09 2014]


       Vampires will be all over this! +
xandram, May 09 2014

       This would bring additional interpretations to the Facebook lingo " You've been poked ".   

       I heard tell of one of the members of your network declining to follow through on their obligation. It seems Micky developed a larger list of customers than he was prepared to service, and the Faceblood Enforcers, an offshoot of the Mafia, showed up with a baseball bat to deliver a message.   

       Trembling, Micky asked " So where are you going to hurt me at ? ". Answered the Enforcer " A knee, Mick. "
normzone, May 09 2014

       I'm not sure if it completely relates to the idea, but they just created blood in a lab. (link) Is that young blood?
MisterQED, May 09 2014

       My apologies, let me buy you a pint.
normzone, May 09 2014


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