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Music Player for Joggers
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Whenever you listen to your favorite music while jogging you speed up (or slow down) with the beat of the music. For all those who aren't professional marathon runners this fact can get very nasty. If your music player plays a fast piece of music at the beginning of your jog and you speed up to the beat of the music, well then you will be exhausted after a couple of minutes.

So here's the solution to this problem: Build a music player with a small motion detection device, so that the beat of the music can be adapted to your jogging speed. The motion detector will be able to calculate your average jogging speed. This speed can then be translated into all kinds of different beats, so that the beat of the music you listen would only have to be adjusted by a little bit to match your jogging speed.

martypants, May 25 2005


       That'd get old fast.
contracts, May 25 2005

       Some MP3s are tagged with beats-per-minute, so you could pick the next song based on that.   

       Of course, you could also manually set up a playlist that starts slow, increases pace, then cools down.   

       Or listen to talk radio.
drzeus, May 25 2005

       Irish talk radio is more likely to make you cast your iPod to the ground in despair.   

       Nice idea, if it would end up annoying the hell outta me. 130 BMP croissant for you!
bookends, Jun 06 2005


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