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Fair trade Cigarettes

Cigarettes or packets of tobacco produced with fair trade to the tabacco growers
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You can get fair trade tea, coffee, cotton, chocolate, in fact almost anything, so why not cigarettes? Although I don't condone smoking I feel that it would be much better if there was the choice of fair trade cigarettes which would benefit the smaller tobacco producers and poorer workers rather than the huge amount of money that goes towards the bigger companies who produce cigarettes which contain as little actual tobacco as possible and pay their workers a pittance while they rake in the benefits.
Miss Weston Smith, Dec 28 2002


       I thought this was what American Spirits were supposed to be here in the States, but the company that makes them was recently bought by RJ Reynolds. So consumers of that brand are still smoking the man's smokes.
snarfyguy, Apr 11 2004

       i was just browsing google to try and find a brand of fairtrade ciggies for the uk.. couldnt find anything except this article, unfortunatly i cant smoke words so ill just have to try and give up :( *sob*
jimfish, May 10 2004

       Roll your own, using non-branded flavored tobacco bought at smoke shops. That's what me and my college buddies used to do.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005


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