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Faith Healer Aura Creator

Hidden Ion Zap Gun in the rafters.
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The Reverend Brother Billy always had an electric personality, and now he was going to capitalize on it much more when the parishioners discover that he always seems to have some kind of electrostatic gifting, thanks to his new toy and his well-hidden wife, who aims an ion gun in his direction upon queue.

He looked out over the congregation as they poured in, looking like a sea of red in their MAGA hats. 'Oh yes, the harvest is ripe...'

RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2017


       //the harvest is ripe//   

       Some of the weird smell in a greenhouse can be put down to the ozone created by plants.   

       As for the idea I'm not sure you can project ions at people as much as you can sound energy. Now, highly directional sound of the talking to one person in any accent at all variety is well and truly baked. Why bother with hair standing on end when you can cover 30 minutes indoctrination of 50 individuals to donate money.   

       "17:06:02 - 26 year old female, workaholic, receptive to assertive female voice. Broadcasting cadence harmony to sermon asking for $100".
bigsleep, Apr 12 2017


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