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Consensual Scam Jam App

An app users install to intentionally get randomly scammed or scammed-on-demand
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Much effort is spent trying to detect, avoid and remove Apps which are scams or charge user's without permission.

But some people might enjoy the occasional scam, unwanted bill, or having their data ransom-wared for a few days. It could add variety and spice to otherwise routine life.

Scam Jam App would remove the hassle of tracking down a suitably scammy app among the many carefully vetted safe apps.

The app might even have a rewards system, in which users are awarded stickers for the various scams they've been subjected to. They could also choose between being randomly scammed, or schedule specific dates and types of scam. It might come in handy as an excuse sometimes to say one was unavailable due to a bona fide scam.

pukesick, Nov 21 2022


       An excellent idea. I will award a [+] but first please enter the following information:
Full name: ____________________
Date of Birth: ____________________
Bank account number: ____________________
Signature: ____________________
Full list of usernames and passwords: ____________________
pocmloc, Nov 21 2022

       Some companies regularly perform security awareness training by sending employees well crafted phishing emails. If an employee is duped into opening an attachment or following a link, they are automatically enrolled in remedial training.
a1, Nov 21 2022

       I wouldn't mind paying three euros via scamming for each of a dozen types of scam stickers, but at that point you're not profitable enough to attract real scammers and may not be profitable enough to run your own scams of sufficient quality.
Voice, Nov 22 2022


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