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Fake Boots

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Sell cheap replica boots as used by parking authorities and police.

When the police see a booted vehicle they won't ticket it or attempt to boot it again, plus most places won't attempt to tow it.

All of your life's problems are solved!

metarinka, May 13 2011

Angle Grinder Man http://www.myspace.com/anglegrinderman
Takin' it to The Man! [infidel, May 13 2011]

(?) Get your own boot http://www.wheelboots-immobilizers.com/
[ldischler, May 14 2011]

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       I had a friend who used to joke about keeping a clamp in the boot of his car to use to avoid parking tickets, no idea if he ever got round to it though.
mitxela, May 13 2011

       What do you do if Angle Grinder Man [link] comes along and "rescues" your car then the real parking authorities and police come along and clamp your car again?
infidel, May 13 2011

       Methinks the boots would be better if they actually looked like comically oversized rugged footwear.
DrWorm, May 15 2011

       as always 21 quest, very informative and thought provoking comments :P
metarinka, May 16 2011


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