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Fake CD's blaster

Buy a fake CD and blast it and your CD player to oblivion
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As far as I am aware, the music and CD industry loose billions of US dollars to fake manufacturers.

I would propose that on each and every CD player, the manufactures install (cost split 50/50 manufacturer and CD music owners), a tiny chip on every single licensed CD. Once placed inside the CD player, a laser-lecture ID decoder would identify the source, serial numbers and so on of the legal CD that has been inserted.

If an illegal CD is placed, automatically the decoder would send a signal to the main board of the CD player, which will in turn activate a switch rendering the machine inoperative, and at the same time, activating a laser beam potent enough to destroy the fake CD.

Microchips are so small now a days, that they can easily be placed on the surface of any CD, without posing a harm to the CD itself, nor to the CD player. In the interim, billions of dollaras can be saved, and I am sure, at a fraction of the cost...........unless of course, I am totally out on technology cost estimates.

7 up, May 28 2003

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       Seriously stupid idea of the week. No, wait, we've had four of those already and it's only Wednesday.
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       hmmn I think they should make legit CDs at a price that's reasonable and people can afford instead
neilp, May 28 2003

       Not to mention legit CD-R's.
snarfyguy, May 28 2003

       I'd rather have a REAL fake-CD blaster - if it's not a redbook-standard CD and one of those horrible "protected" things that can't play in all CD players or your computer, it's gone.
oatcake, May 29 2003

       The funny thing about protected CDs that I've never really understood is how they're supposed to prevent pirating. Sure, it's not possible to rip it directly from disc on one's computer. But what is to stop someone from taking a high quality line-out from their stereo, ripping it to wav, then converting to mp3?
rapid transit, May 29 2003

       Good point [rapid]. But the "protected CDs" only work via software protection. The information read by the laser, is not in the expected format for translating by the codecs.

You can easily get around this by creating a codec that handles the data in a different way, similarly to DVD players.
silverstormer, May 29 2003

       //I've never really understood is how they're supposed to prevent pirating//   

       They figure that the CDs are essentially unplayable, and therefore impossible to copy - or listen to.   

       I've heard of people who go to listening stations and copy the album through the headphones, though I imagine nowadays nobody bothers with that anymore. I know it's also possible to disable the copy protection with a marker pen...
oatcake, May 29 2003

       I heard recently (not sure if it was a reliable source) that recording companies have made more money the past few years since burning became popular.
goober, May 29 2003

       Sony is apparently thinking along these same lines, see my first link.
krelnik, May 29 2003

       Hm...note that that site also has headlines like "Linux Developer Gets Laid." But looking at the dateline, I wonder if they got that idea from here...?
DrCurry, May 29 2003

       I have only visited this site for 3 days, and I can say this is the dumbest idea I will ever read on this site. Who wants to buy a product that will destroy one's possessions. Another person could put the product burned CD into the player without the owner's knowledge, thereby rendering their machine ineffective. Plus, if anyone is so goody-goody for lack of a better word, to buy this crap, they probably aren't exactly major players in the pirating business. No on e used to complain when we dubbed tapes and recorded movies off tv. Now that the music and movies are on disks, it is apparently a tragedy. Puff daddy is already rich. Hell, charge more taxes and pay teachers more. dont' give money to all these whiny artists so they can bling bling up and down the street. I love rap music, the cuplrits of money blowing and even pirate combating, but I will burn their cd in a heartbeat. If I burn 10 for every one I buy, I am getting my money's worth. Barely.
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       3 days <snigger> have a pole (or a poll even) for your pants   

       you are quite right though <g>
po, May 29 2003

       i dont understand
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       I dunno, brutus, have you read the goat piss one yet?
waugsqueke, May 29 2003

       As somebody who works in the music biz and is trying to make a living from it I can understand what 7 up is getting at with this idea but it is not going to work for all the reasons that other people have pointed out. I have a CD player hooked up to a 16 track mixer with a stereo line input straight into my sorry looking old mac. I can record straight into aiff, convert into mpeg3 and send as email to anywhere in the world.
The 5 major labels and there are are only 5( EMI, BMG, Vivendi, Sony and TimeWarner-aol )have got to learn to adapt which they are starting to do. Vivendi, one of the major 5 labels own MTV, VH1 and also MP3.com. BMG and EMI are starting to buy publishing companies because they know that that is where the money is in the long run. Sony have such wide varity of products they can make money from hardware, publishing back cataloge, computer games ect.
Burning CDs or downloading mp3s isn't killing music. I actively encourage it. Its a great marketing tool if used right.
I'm a big fan of The Sopranos. I taped every show but I still went out and brought the box sets when they came out.
sufc, May 29 2003

       I was hoping this was some sort of gun that would take AOL coasters as ammo. Like a giant version of the existing toy guns I remember as a wee one, it would shoot these little [US] dime sized disc spinning off the front of it.
latka, May 29 2003

       //gun that would take AOL coasters as ammo//
We did that idea, [latka], see my second link.
krelnik, May 30 2003

       How would the cd player know what was illegal? What if I burned a backup copy of a bought cd, then the bought got destroyed, allowing me to use the backup? What if I made my own music? What if I made a compilation of songs from my cd's that I own (which is allowed)? What if I did this at a friends house or somewhere untrackable by the cd player?
nomel, Dec 15 2004

       The fundemental problem, is that there is no way to stop people from copying information (this information must be readable by older CD players I.E must adhere strictly to Redbook or Orangebook specifications) and anything that can be read by this 'lowest common demominator' of CD players can, naturally, be read by any computer program willing to disregard a few errant errors, and if I understand correctly, just about anyone involved in 'ripping' CDs to the computer has a tool more then capable of this. And need I point out, even if they don't, Sonic Foundry, which came with my MiniDisc Player, did a beautiful job last time tried it ~_^.
{WhiteFang}, Jun 19 2005


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