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get it.... iPatch....
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so now-a-days everyone is coming out with iPod friendly accessories. levis has new jeans with an iPod sized pocket. there are a plethora of aftermarket cases and bags for them. i like the idea of being able to have my iPod in a special pocket on my pants, but dont want to buy new jeans that will be dated by the time they're broken in... whats the solution??? the iPatch. an iRon on iPod sized pocket available in a variety of colors and matierals. just wear your favorite pair of pants to pickout the iPatch thats right for you, get home and fire up the iRon and you're ready to rock. and the pirate gimmick could be exploited to its fullest potential untill it becomes trendy and everyone has to buy anotherone to avoid being "the guy who still has a pirate iPatch"
bleh, Jan 31 2006

The iPatch joke has been done (to death) already http://grant.hennin.../iPatch/iPatch.html
[DrCurry, Jan 31 2006]

iBoxers http://www.freshpai...d-Boxer-013976.html
iPod underwear pocket [Shz, May 26 2006]


       there may be, but none so cleverly marketed in electronics retailers.. thanks for the welcome
bleh, Jan 31 2006

       [+] just for the pun
normzone, Jan 31 2006

       Heh, that just makes me laugh. Someone as new as 21 Quest welcoming a new halfbaker, even though he is still taking HB baby steps (figuratively) :)
DesertFox, Jan 31 2006

       It should have a skull'n'crossbones on it.. Arrrgh!! My hearties!!!   

       BTW, [21 Quest] was welcoming newbies, and referring them to the help page in his 1st week! (after he got blasted for some newby ideas....)
Minimal, Jan 31 2006

       They grow up so fat.
hidden truths, Jan 31 2006

       Hee hee, I think the best part of this idea was the use of "iRon" Thanks for the chuckle, [bleh]!!
PollyNo9, Jan 31 2006

       when does a newbie, become the opposite of a newbie ? ( a suitable name for which I had proposed earlier would a fartbe)   

       I like being a newbie - like being a baby, to be nurtured and swaddled with compliments and kind words of encouragement, as you splutter out dribble and drool with impunity....
xenzag, Jan 31 2006

       I'm not sure [xenzag], but I knows you ain't no noob no more.   

       iRon... good gag.   

       But I can't escape from the fact that [bleh] has half-baked an iron-on patch of a certain dimension, which is not staggeringly new.   

       Welcome [bleh], but on this occasion, I must fish.
jonthegeologist, Jan 31 2006

       Yet another example of something that already exists marketed in a clever way to exploit idiots with too much money.   

       I like it.
NickTheGreat, May 26 2006


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