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Fake Engagement (chocolate) Rings

The FERs are covered in silver foil and look sparkly and expensive (and yummy)
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I've often wondered what happens to an engagement ring if the proposal is turned down. Does the fella just keep it for his next big romance or does he pawn the ring which as second-hand (no pun intended) has a much reduced value.

Buy yourself a Fake Engagement (chocolate) Ring and if the answer is yes, then the girl will happily eat the chocolate, admire your financial acumen and joyously help you choose the real thing or...

if the answer is No! then enjoy the look on her face as you eat the damn thing yourself.

po, Mar 19 2007


       po, will you be my wife?
placid_turmoil, Mar 19 2007

       I suspect you could take an unused engagement ring back to the jeweler. I don't know myself as my wife and I were married for more than five years before we even got rings.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 19 2007

       eat the chocolate, pt. ;)
po, Mar 19 2007

       + I like it, start a new tradition.
mmmm, chocolate...
xandram, Mar 19 2007

       bun for the pun [+] and the idea as well...of course
shinobi, Mar 20 2007

       ..buy a real ring. If the answer is 'no', eat it anyway. Then wear a t-shirt saying 'I just ate an engagement ring worth $2500'.   

       And use public toilets a lot.   

       Hilarity ensues.
m_Al_com, Mar 20 2007

       now thats just silly.
po, Mar 20 2007


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