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harden gems

Vapor deposit quartz on soft gems to make them durable
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Some gems and minerals are beautiful but can be easily scratched or abraded if used in high contact jewelry like a ring. If the mineral could be encased in quartz by putting it in a vapor depositing oven, it would have a tough clear coat. Example Violanes is a rare violet mineral from Italy which would be a gorgeous gemstone if it were able to be hardened.
borsumikko, Nov 07 2020

Violanes https://www.gemdat.org/gem-8118.html
[pertinax, Nov 07 2020]

Epitaxy of quartz - current state of the art? https://science.sci...6134/827.full?rss=1
This suggests the idea would be harder than it looks. [pertinax, Nov 07 2020]

Synthetic Quartz https://en.wikipedi...tificial_treatments
Hydrothermal process [8th of 7, Nov 07 2020]

Method of coating surfaces with quartz https://patents.goo...atent/US2386876A/en
Patent - 1945 [kdf, Nov 07 2020]

Diamond coating http://www.cvd-diamond.com/geninfo_en.htm
By chemical vapour deposition [kdf, Nov 07 2020]


       Quartz crystals are produced industrially by deposition from aqueous solution.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2020

       Good idea, Humans have been lacquering things from year dot.   

       But should quartz be the standard go to material. Carbon as a lacquer? The match of deposition chemicals and application environments for the needed mineral is going to a be game and a half. Maybe the Alloyotron can be adapted.   

       Extrapolating, this could give rise to designer stones where amounts minerals are positionally doped in other minerals to make out of this world gems.
wjt, Nov 07 2020

       It would make a lot more sense to encase them in colorless sapphire.
Voice, Nov 07 2020

       Easier to stick a piece of sellotape over the top.
pocmloc, Nov 07 2020

       See patent (link) for “a method or process of evaporating quartz to apply, by deposition. resulting from thermal evaporation.”
kdf, Nov 07 2020

       By why settle for quartz or even colorless sapphire? Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond coatings exist (link).
kdf, Nov 07 2020


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