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Fake Office Skylights

Turn your basement interior cubicle into a penthouse interior cubicle.
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Tired of that boring industrial fluorescent light above your cube? Turn it into a skylight. This 2'x4' translucent plastic product is backed with a mild adhesive and has a picture of a blue sky, white fluffy clouds, the sun, and a branch of a tree hanging over you.
Worldgineer, Sep 30 2005

Before http://asint2.ki.co...fice_WW_ceiling.jpg
[Worldgineer, Sep 30 2005]

After http://bbs.wangjian...tree.branch.sky.jpg
[Worldgineer, Sep 30 2005]

Well, not exactly, but something like this (only better and bigger) applied to a 2'x4' panel http://www.internat...ingr/ingr826107.cfm
[half, Sep 30 2005]

trompe l'oeil http://www.trompe-l...art.com/trompe.html
I have been meaning for a long time to paint one of these into a corner of my bedroom ceiling to look like there is a hole in the roof - see the stars thing. however the poor old place is so rundown that it might actually be depressing. [po, Sep 30 2005]

How Gerrit van Honthorst solved the problem http://www.getty.ed...s/objects/o604.html
This painting hangs on the ceiling of a small vestibule in the Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Quite a disconcerting effect, despite the subject matter. Perfect over [po]'s bed. [jurist, Sep 30 2005, last modified Oct 01 2005]


       Now, why would I put a skylight in a fake office?   

       Seems like I've seen back-lit translucent panels with travel scenes in a travel agency somewhere. Also, I think some of the bus bench advertising signage is a painted/printed transparency over a translucent, back-lit panel.   

       This should be fairly easy to do. If I had such overhead lighting or a cubicle, I might be tempted to try it.   

       Now I'm sort of thinking some sort of giganto LCD panel with USB upload connection, along the lines of a digital picture frame maybe. Dang, your little project is getting expensive in a hurry. Can't you keep anything simple?
half, Sep 30 2005

       Heh. Just use a flatscreen TV hooked up to a roof-mounted video camera.
Worldgineer, Sep 30 2005

       Worldcam - implementation day +1: "Ooh look, it's overcast today"
iday + 2: "Ooh look, it's cloudy today."
iday + 3: "Ooh look, it's overcast today."
iday + 4: "Ooh look, it's summer today."
iday + 5: "Ooh look, it's cloudy today."
iday + 6: "Ooh look, it's overcast today."
half, Sep 30 2005

       Come to think of it, I'd need a huge custom lens to make sure it doesn't end up always looking like giant rain drops falling on my skylight.
Worldgineer, Sep 30 2005

       you're half funny!
po, Sep 30 2005

       Oh, Belgium man, Belgium!
zeno, Oct 01 2005

       you're ju(ri)st funny too. :)   

       I'd never get any sleep with that up there!   

       you know what, it would be lovely to just have the dog.
po, Oct 02 2005

       what? bird droppings all over my bed? you're having a laugh!
po, Oct 02 2005


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