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Trippy Nightime Walkways
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I like glowsticks, and I also like elaborate trellises that line a walkway, creating a "tunnel" through space. My idea would be to combine these into a glowing walkway tunnel. The trellises would be very simple, ready for assembly - a snap together kind of thing. Could be reloaded with those glow- rope necklaces, just snap 'em in. They wouldn't be that nice during the daytime, but at night...whoa dude...

See the illustration for an idea.

[Note: The acronym-related annotations have been omitted. Those who were present, thank you for your participation. Your contributions do not go unnoticed.]

ophello, Sep 29 2005

Illustration https://live.static...02_f433cb4073_b.jpg
Glow-Trellises Illustration [ophello, Sep 29 2005, last modified Aug 04 2023]

I'd very much like to borrow this a_20night_20garden
[po, Sep 30 2005]

Not glow-rope necklaces, but I might go with this instead. http://cms.3m.com/c.../krilRFQ/view.jhtml
"High Luminance Light Fiber can be used to create visually uniform runs of decorative light that will not break, shatter or discharge environmentally hazardous gases." [half, Sep 30 2005]

What's wrong with good old GloWire? http://www.glowire.com/
[jutta, Sep 30 2005]


       This would have good application for road works and scaffolding etc   

       Or you could rent a huge, black, darkened room, put some reflector tape on your BMX, cover the walls, floor and ceiling with glowtrellis and play Tron....
wongmeister, Sep 30 2005

       Ooo! Pretty!
moomintroll, Sep 30 2005

       Glowire requires power. glowsticks dont. The idea here is outdoor rave/concert. cheap plastic framework, colored black, to support a cheap and widely available product. the key here is inexpensive practicality.   

       glowire is spendy! but purdy.
ophello, Sep 30 2005


       "halfbakery news, 30-September-2005: newcomer [ophello] is exposed to an unhealthy dose of a [half]-wit's sense of humor."   

       My unambiguous reply to your question was intentionally ambiguous. What can I say, you left me a hole big enough TDATT. I just had to do it. AIGF. NHF?   

       Welcome to the halfbakery. Love the illustrations.
half, Sep 30 2005

       I figured it out. "all in good fun. no hard feelings?"   

       None at all.   

       Cant figure out "TDATT"...
ophello, Oct 02 2005

       to drive a truck through
half, Oct 02 2005

       Wow. That must have been a big hole.
ophello, Oct 03 2005


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