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Artificial lung-cords-mouth instrument
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I thought I already put this up here but I couldn't find it so I will repost. This is an artificial lung-vocal cords- mouth that is playable by an individual using anything except their vocal cords. My original conception of this had the player using a pair of baggy pants tied off at the ankles as a bellows, or maybe that was someone else's suggestion in the original idea. The sounding mechanism could be a reed or valve and the players hands would control a spongey or leather tongue, mouth and lip formation. Who knows how good people could get with something like that, and why not just use your own lungs, vocal cords and mouth, but it would be interesting to hear. I guess you could have versions of this instrument where you used all of your real parts but just substituted one element, like a fake mouth held over your real mouth, or a tracheotomy with a Peter frampton vocalized that shoots back into the mouth so that the player could blow on a false vocal cord that was fed back into the tongue- mouth-lip system for a close to human but not quite effect. I don't know about the pants but maybe a bagpipes
JesusHChrist, Aug 27 2011




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