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Far Away

For no reason in particular
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Find a large field and cut the grass (or use the same technique as those crop circle guys) .... Somehow in large lettering spell out.


Should only be readable from an airplane.

Right in the middle of the field, in the middle of the letters set up a couch and coffe table and leave little "thank you for visiting" cards for people to take. (back of card has aerial photograph of the site)

blahginger, Aug 11 2000

corn mazes http://www.cornmazes.com/
These are usually in some recognizable shape (a tractor, a cow, ...) which you could only see from the air. They generally serve food, sponsor races, and of course let people wander around in the maze. [egnor, Aug 11 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Dynamic Crop Circles http://www.halfbake...ic_20Crop_20Circles
Possible way to implement this. [blahginger, Aug 11 2000]



       Naive pilots may actually heed this warning, and attempt to fly closer to the message. But once seen, the message never changes -- the pilot is still faced with the same problem. By the time they can't read it, they've probably put the plane into such a descent that it's impossible to recover before crashing.   

       I propose that instead of policing the no-fly zones over Iraq, the U.S. should just make signs like these. If Iraqi pilots are naive enough (and can read English) there'll be a nice lump of twisted fuselage in the vicinity of the couch in a few years time.
Wes, Mar 22 2001

       You could also turn on the lights in rooms of a sky scraper to spell out this-- it'd be a great antic for opening night or a big party. crescent roll++
futurebird, Jul 24 2001

       Yeah! I love this. It's perfect.
Dog Ed, Jul 24 2001

       You may want to remove this idea and its comments or the Department of Home-Paranoia may want to lock you up in Guantanamo bay, but the idea is nice. (+)
kbecker, Jul 13 2003


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