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Fart Panic! Button

One button press quickly dissipates horrible fart smell
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This came to me on a recent vacation with my wife who sustained a barrage of particularly noxious farts throughout the trip (something about the water in Alaska?)

Anyway, this button would be placed in a prominent location in the vehicle's ventilation control area (I can only imagine what the icon on the button would look like, maybe a mushroom cloud?) - when pressed it would automatically roll down ALL windows and crank the ventilation system to max fan through the upper vents. It would return all systems to their original, pre-fart, settings after 15-20 seconds (maybe the duration should be user controlled, as we all have unique "powers")

I consider this not only a comfort feature but also safety related since the driver/farter wouldn't have to coordinate all of the window rolling, ventilation, etc. while operating the vehicle.

k3, Sep 07 2003

Blind Date. Somewhat related to this idea. http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=16
From a TV ad. Very low quality video, so it should play fine on most systems. [Amos Kito]

Halfbakery: One-button climate control (2000) http://www.halfbake...20climate_20control
Similar idea, different motivation. [jutta, Oct 21 2004]


       How about carbon filters in the lower seat cushion, like the rumors I've heard about some La-Z-Boy recliners?
oxen crossing, Sep 08 2003

       Or 'Expelair' seats encorporating built-in anti-guff vacuum pumps. have them automatically operated when triggered by low frequency rumbles.
Muleopod, Sep 08 2003

       I like your ideas about fans and carbon canisters in the seat cushion, attack the problem at its source. In the auto industry cost pressures are so high that this would only happen in the luxury segment (it already is in some Lincolns I think, heated and cooled seats). For cheaper cars the original idea doesn't require added components.   

       But, for application in commercial aircraft the seat approach would be perfect vs. rolling down the windows...
k3, Sep 09 2003

       It should still be the same in aircraft, too, that way when a passenger farts, the air pressure sucks him out through the window.
ghillie, Sep 09 2003


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