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Car Seat Sweater

Sweater attaches to car seat for easy on/off
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How often have you gotten cold while driving your car and nearly crashed while trying to put a coat on? With the Car Seat Sweater, you can easily pull the sleeves to cover your arms and chest and never have to worry about doing the "driving-to-endanger-dance" again.

The Car Seat Sweater has no back, and functionally doesn't need one since you're sitting in the chair. The arms and chest portion can hang from the side of the car seat when not in use. To put them on, you simply slip the arms on and either connect the two halves via buttons or let them stay unattached. Sweaters can be cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics, and can easily be removed from car seats and placed in the wash.

Fashion-conscious drivers can select colors and styles that best complement their car interiors. Or, for the true fashion slave, change out the Car Seat Sweater each day to match your attire.

gotmyespy, Jul 13 2004


       As a driver who engages in this and other dangerous practices on a daily basis, I applaud this auto-fashion.
normzone, Jul 13 2004

       perhaps a wearable car seat cover.
po, Jul 13 2004

       I'd like some help pulling off the first sleeve, then I'm OK.
FarmerJohn, Jul 13 2004


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