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Fart art

No brushes required
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Free paint
jurgo, Sep 08 2000

(?) Fart Art http://www.daisy.page3girls.net/gas.htm
Existing slang term. [jutta, Sep 08 2000]

(?) f-Art http://www.fart-fr.com/anglais/index.html
Mon dieu. [jutta, Sep 08 2000]

piss art http://www.ensemble.../array/chap_00.html
E.g. Andy Warhol's "Oxidation" paintings, as seen in "Basquiat". [jutta, Sep 08 2000]

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       Absolute bummer of an idea.
Godalmighty, Sep 08 2000

       Anyone doing this will make a lot of enemas. And probably be rectum for life.
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       Anyone heard of Le Petomaine? [sp.?] Farted Songs in L'Empire. You could look it up.
rfalv, Dec 31 2000

       ...and flat(ulence) broke.
nick_n_uit, Mar 01 2001


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