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Fashion Scale Mail

Harvest beetles for fabrics
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There are some truly beautiful beetles around, and they mostly live on a easy-to-come-by diet of fungi and vegetables. Farming them in great numbers is quite easy, and their size is very uniform, so the process could be automated: Harvesting their hard forewings(elytra), that come in just about every color and lightness, from ultra-black to iridiscent red, and grafting them onto textiles just like sequins.
loonquawl, Jan 30 2009

How Bohemian (+) http://reviews.ebay...dZ10000000004272294
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 30 2009]

baked in some foreign countries... http://www.insects....d2/beetles_tex.html
[xandram, Feb 03 2009]

close-up of beetle wing fabric http://www.insects.org/ced2/turban.html
[xandram, Feb 03 2009]


       Can I give [2 fries shy of a happy meal] œ your bun just for the link?   

       In theory, I like the concept. "Scarlet Scarab Beetle" suit; "Ladybird Beetle Carapace" vest, etc. As long as there is no low-budget "Cockroach Coat" version, I'm sold.   

       Or will Cockroach Coats become the chic new Goth Du Jour look? Retro-Punk? (I could see Johnny Rotten in one of those...)   

       (Shouldn't they be plasticized in some way? Rolling around with an "crunchy" coat might be a drag...)   

       Your idea isn't completely original - ([2 fries...] link) - but, because I can't give you œ a bun: [+]
Wily Peyote, Jan 30 2009

       On Antiques Roadshow, someone brought in a "painting" that was actually made from thousands of tiny insect wings glued onto canvas. It was neat! Clothes would work too but it's sort of cruel to colorful insects.
phundug, Jan 30 2009

       Surely simpler, by far, to create a high-oxygen vivarium and selectively breed for people-sized insects. They could then be hollowed out and used as fully articulated high-fashion space suits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2009


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