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Pistachio Pants

Nut hulls as fashion!
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Finally, a use for all those empty pistachio nut hulls...

Fashion decoration! Pistachio hull earings! Plain, or covered in glitter! Pistachio pants, lime-green capris studded with hulls in a decorative pattern! Pistachio Nut Pasties... eco-clothing (Or whatever one would classify those little things that go on tatas as..) for strippers!

Ninja fashion caltrops!??

smurfzilla, Jun 29 2004


       I almost fishboned you for saying "clothing for strippers." You're pushing a fine line there, boy.   

shapu, Jun 29 2004

       Whatever else would you classify pasties and a g-string as? Isn't anything made of fabric and worn on the body classified broadly as "clothing"? :)
smurfzilla, Jun 29 2004

       Pistachio nut hulls are used as art here in Cleveland. Sorry couldn't find a link. They're ugly as sin, and I imagine uncomfortable for sitting.
k_sra, Jun 29 2004

       Oh, I freely acknowledge that strippers wear clothing.   

       They just oughtn't.
shapu, Jun 29 2004

       Oh, yes well...   

       You've got me there...   

       Strippers shouldn't wear clothing. :)   

       Scratch the Pistachio Pasties then... or rig them to convieniently suffer a costume malfunction at opportune times, like during the Grammies.. or something. :)
smurfzilla, Jun 29 2004

       strippers have to wear clothes.. in order to strip... otherwise they're just naked dancers.
etherman, Jun 30 2004

       What do you mean 'finally a use'?! Surely throughout all this time you've been taking your shells, combining them in a Bitsa way with some blu-tac, cocktail sticks and tissue paper and then re-creating the battles of the Spanish Armada (or similar engagement) in the bath/sink/par pond/dog's bowl/swimming pool?   

       I mean... wear them?! Those're my galleons that woman's dancing in!
Sattamassagana, Aug 02 2004


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