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Fashion bar

Something for everyone.
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A large circular building, having one or many floors.

It has a central core, and shops arranged around it like the segments of a citrus fruit.

The shops are dedicated to items of interest to females; clothes, shoes, makeup, handbags etc.

In the core is a bar, serving alcoholic drinks.

A paging system linking the shops to the bar allows the men to be summoned promptly whenver their opinion is required. Since the design is radial, the distance to be travelled is minimal, and it's possible to keep an eye on the drinks.

The bar also serves pork pies, and has a WiFi hotspot.

8th of 7, Oct 22 2008


       A waterslide or two might do some good here.
daseva, Oct 22 2008

       I shall not rise to the bait.
squeak, Oct 23 2008

       //A large circular building, having...many floors.//

Would that not make it cylindrical rather than circular?

//men to be summoned promptly whenver their opinion is required//

So, not that often then.
DrBob, Oct 23 2008

       Can't I just phone in the "No it doesn't make you look fat" comment from the bar, so I don't miss any of the game on the big screen TV. Or you could do close circuit TV to the dressing rooms. "What dressing room are you in Honey? Oh that's ok I'll just surf through them all until I find you.
theGem, Oct 23 2008


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