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Gifts of the World

For the lazy, forgetful or rushed traveller
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Sue Wallace has just spent a lovely four weeks on holiday in Brazil. She'd been so excited to go there at last, and promised to bring presents for her friends. Alas! The final weekend, which she'd set aside for shopping in Rio, is a disaster - break-downs and delays mean she arrives late and has to dash straight to the airport, only just making her flight. A late evening flight, she finds the airport stores were all closed. Having spent the last few months telling all and sundry about her holiday plans, she feels guilty to be getting onto the plane without any presents for them.

Michael Smitherin has enjoyed the conference in Florence. He knows his wife and children will expect some kind of gift but of course, he's been busy working or networking, with no time to look around shops and markets. Anyhow, he's slightly disdainful of the whole idea - back home, he just gets his secretary to buy the birthday and Christmas presents. Still, he'd like to go home bearing gifts so that his children and wife show him the appreciation he deserves.

Heather Goodberry has had a brilliant time 'travelling' in Thailand. Sun-drenched beaches, snorkelling, alcohol, and of course that deliciously fun little fling... busy enjoying herself, it's not until she's on the flight home that she remembers she forgot to send any postcards back. Gosh, her parents, and gran of course, will be disappointed - not to mention her best friend Susan. Now, if she had some gifts for them, that would be alright, but it's too late now...

...or is it?

No! When they land, they can simply visit 'Gifts of the World', a gift store conveniently located along the corridor between the gates and customs/immigration. Here they'll find a selection of gifts from many different countries. The gifts are tasteful and authentic, some reasonably priced and some luxury items. Some come plainly wrapped with a receipt scrawled in the appropriate language, to help enhance the illusion that you found it in a market, others come in bags bearing the name of a classy store from that country.

All are sold at a reasonable mark-up but hey, you're so glad to find an appropriate gift when you thought it was too late, you don't mind. You're happy, impressed at what a good idea this store is. Next time you go on holiday, you won't be so worried about finding gifts while you're there - you know you can always get them something from 'Gifts of the World'.

Visit 'Gifts of the World' in Gatwick, Heathrow, JFK...

"Your loved ones will thank you. You'll thank us."

P.S. I'm not saying this shop would be a good thing (as compared to, say, a sad reflection of our excessively consumption-centric society and one that encourages white lies and laziness to boot) - but I do think it has good commercial potential.

P.P.S. Apologies if your name is Mike Smitherin...

imaginality, Jul 20 2006


       John Smith has just spent the weekend with his mistress, while his wife thinks he's at a business meeting in Brussels. She's probably likely to get suspicious. But if he could give her some localized gift, all her questions qould go away. Wait, there's that new place opening in the airport now, isn't there?
hidden truths, Jul 21 2006

       James Bond was supposed to have been battling S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in the Andes, but had actually nipped off to see his mates in Aberdeen for a bit of a piss-up. Back at the office, M opened her parcel, delighted to discover an authentic and brightly died llama wool pashmina.
zen_tom, Jul 21 2006

       My name is Sue Mike Wallace Smitherin, and you'll be hearing from my lawyers. Incidentally, they are the well-known firm Heather Goodberry and Partners, and they have their own reasons for wanting to get in touch.
neuro, Feb 02 2007


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