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Fashion for Scientists

Lab wear..
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Just an idea to make snappy outfits for folks who work in labs and other high tech jobs. Keeping in mind such nerdy stuff as Klein bottles and the great scientist Lord Kelvin I propose calling the line Kelvin Klein.
Steamboat, Nov 06 2015


       "Not much of a scientist, but we keep him on because he is a snappy dresser."
popbottle, Nov 06 2015

       At one recent place of employment, my white lab coat got me the nickname "el carnicero".
lurch, Nov 06 2015

       + love this! Do they always have to be white?
Try category Fashion:Protection or something.
xandram, Nov 06 2015

       "Oh great," here comes Joseph in that technicolor lab-coat of his."   

       (f) Easily washable.   

       (g) cheap enough to be disposable in case f fails.
MechE, Nov 06 2015

       There are enough women scientists that it's appropriate to refer to them with a plural.
lurch, Nov 06 2015

       h) comes with a variety of matching kerchiefs, each impregnated with a different neutralizer.   

       As a fashion accessory, spray-on bottles of various litmus-like indicators, used to give a bit more advanced warning than the usual "Ah, so I'm on fire again, am I ?".
FlyingToaster, Nov 06 2015

       A dress or mumu design shows its wisdom in the case of a spill. I guess scientists just need to get used to cross dressing
Voice, Nov 07 2015

       // A dress or mumu design //   

       Harry Potter-style Wizard's robes for lab wear ? Might just catch on.   

       Cassocks may appear at first glance somewhat effeminate (which makes any prejudice against women priests even harder to understand) but a woollen cassock is wonderfully warm when traversing the cold and draughty corridors of ancient ecclesiastical buildings in winter, plus it has lots of handy pockets for concealing weapons.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2015


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