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Fly Hook

A small suspended hook keeps fly up.
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Just about every zipper fly I've encountered has a little square hole in it. I assume this is so it can be grasped easily by soft finger pads.

Now that small hole is for a little hook that hangs from your belt. It can be attached by a retractable cord so the fly can be accessed easily.

rcarty, Jul 13 2011

Another fashion accessory for the well dressed employee Buttinfront_20Fashions
[normzone, Jul 13 2011]

can be used to help... http://www.seniorem...shop/zip_puller.jpg
[xandram, Jul 14 2011]


       I keep my employee badge on a retractable cord that clips on my jeans pocket. I guess I could clip it to my pants next to the front snap and affix the badge to my zipper in an effort to avoid having to acquire a new retractor.
normzone, Jul 13 2011

       It's the only sane thing to do, [norm].
daseva, Jul 13 2011

       zipper fly on a bungee cord... what could possibly go wrong ? [+]
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2011

       //what could possibly go wrong ?// <tries to imagine while not screaming/><gives bun>+</gb>
lurch, Jul 13 2011


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