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The End to Fashion Police Harrassment
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Many people fall victim to the fashion mistakes. Often it is difficult to decide what to wear for certain occasions. Is the place a casual place, semi-casusal, business-casual, etc. I propose the Fashionizer. It is a device/software system which can read and analyze fashion combinations and compare to a fashion database to provide a recommended outfit for your specific occasion.

Imagine submitting pictures of each article of clothing you own. From, shirts, pants, shoes, belts, hats etc., the fashionizer will organize your clothes into a database.

But how would this help you decide you ask? Imagine you have a high profile meeting with some Japanese executives. Instead of spending time deciding which color shirts match which color ties, the Fashionizer would allow you to input the occasion and using an algorithm it would generate the top 3 recommendations.

For instance, input categories could include:

The type of business

The type of people presenting




This would allow the program to calculate correct hues, styles, and patterns that should be worn in this occasion and eliminate any offending styles that could be detrimental to the occasion.

The result would display your best match in your wardrobe.

This could also be linked a restaurant or venue database. In the "place" category, you enter a restaurant and it would properly dress you accordingly. Making sure you are never underdressed or overdressed.

The Fashionizer algorithm is also very robust, allowing personal preferences to be inputed and easily updated to include the latest fashion trends. Current wardrobe analyzer function is included, which would create a report on your current wardrobe content and let you know what type of clothing you need or should purchase next and which articles are out of style.

darkboy115, Mar 15 2005

inspiration Mirror_2c_20mirror_20on_20the_20wall_2e
[zeno, Mar 16 2005]


       <inputs data>stockings with holes, rumpled skirt, ten year old jeans, sexy sweater, sexy t-shirt, loafers.</id>   

       *sigh* I have a feeling this could get ugly...   

       <hits enter>
k_sra, Mar 15 2005

       hmmmm! this user's page quotes me and me backwards - this worries me!   

       only kidding...
po, Mar 15 2005

       Error 114-34
Contents: wardrobe(wagster) incompatible with event
Recommend: client(wagster) attend other event

       Searching online event database........   

       No events found   

       Recommend: client(wagster) buy clothing
wagster, Mar 15 2005

       [normzone] dresses, stands before Fashionizer, presses the enter key.......   

       [ Your mode of attire indicates you are attending an informal business meeting then riding horses, followed by semi-formal cocktails. Your attire is acceptable ]   

       [normzone] goes out the door, heads to work.
normzone, Mar 15 2005

       hey, I have not slept yet. woik? <zzzzz>
po, Mar 15 2005

       As I annotated on the Mirror Mirror On The Wall idea, you would only end up walking out the door naked forgetting it was all just virtual.   

       OR: As I annotated on the Mirror Mirror On The Wall idea, period.
zeno, Mar 16 2005


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