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Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Take a snapshot to tell me which dress looks best of all.
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If I've got an important dinner or party or business meeting, I can literally spend an hour in front of the mirror, trying on different outfits, trying to decide which is best. Half my problem is that once I've taken off outfit one and put on outfit two and three, I can't remember if outfit one looked better. (Guys - don't ask: it's a girl thing.)

So my idea is to create a mirror with a small digital camera built into it.

You put on outfit one, and set the camera to take a pic - there's a 5 second delay so you can strike a pose. Then, you try on the next outfit, and take another picture.

Using a magnifying mirror, the image on the camera's small plasma display can be reflected onto the mirror's surface (this way, you don't need to make your whole mirror into a plasma screen, which would be too expensive.)

You can run a slide show once you've finished storing pics, and just pick the best one. You can take pictures of your back, so that you can determine for yourself whether your bum looks big in this outfit.

You can store the pictures, so next time you have a wardrobe crisis, you don't have to try everything on again.

Edit: This idea is similar to an idea posted previously (see link) - but I think this is sufficiently different? Mine is a tool for solving wardrobe crises. I don't see this ever being used for surveillance or using video - it's just a little digital camera, built into a normal mirror.

Flux, Mar 15 2005

Similar but different? mirror_20camera
[Flux, Mar 15 2005]

The thin end of the wedg(i)e http://www.bbc.co.u...nsecure_woman.shtml
It never stops! [gnomethang, Mar 15 2005]


       Or the mirror would just have pictures of all your items of clothing. You then stand in front of it naked and flick through your wardrobe with your remote. When finally you have what you want you nod, forget it was all just virtual and go out naked.
zeno, Mar 15 2005

reensure, Mar 15 2005

po, Mar 15 2005

       ha. Oops, sorry. I meant "heh."
Machiavelli, Mar 15 2005

       To me, "heh" sounds a little condescending and false. "Ha" sounds more honest and uplifting.
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2005

k_sra, Mar 15 2005

       Titter ye not! Oh Please!. No!. Not you missus!. You're an hour late already!. Oh shut your cakeholes!.
gnomethang, Mar 15 2005

       Oh my god. I dont believe I just put in an idea with exactly the same name.
energy guy, Mar 15 2005

       [FJ], "heh" is never condescending and false, at least not when I type it.
bristolz, Mar 15 2005

       How about "heh, heh" then?
FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2005

       [Zeno] - I actually think your idea would work just as well.   

       And to all those being condescending and false with your "heh" sounds, go put them somewhere else. Maybe on another idea with the same name...
Flux, Mar 16 2005

       this is a fine idea, but no girlfriend i've ever had would want a database of pictures of herself anywhere-which cuts out a lot of your target market. but those women who can't have enough pictures of themselves would love it. [+]   

changokun, Mar 16 2005

       Thanks, [flux] that's nice of you
zeno, Mar 16 2005

       'Ho' as in Merry Christmas or 'Ho' as in girl standing on dodgy street corner?
Flux, Mar 17 2005

       //To me, "heh" sounds a little condescending and false. "Ha" sounds more honest and uplifting.//   

       To me "heh" sounds like the second half was forgotten. Plus I really don't know if, when I laugh, or chuckle, or even giggle, the sound "heh" has ever come out of my mouth. I'm thinking not.   

       A "ha", is baren without a whole strand put together. Then it becomes much more than what we are discussing here. (Finger pointing, slapstick comedy, etc.). AAAhahahaha...hah hah...hah hah, no you again, you bluthering oaf". That sort of ha.   

       Heh heh, could be an improvement, sort of like ha ha.   

       Tis better than one, but not outright belly grabbing, knee slappin, horse snorting laughter, like a string of ha has. I guess it's just who, when, why, and the timing, that really counts.   

       Tee hee
blissmiss, Mar 17 2005


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