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Father Covidmas

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Specially for the 2020 season, meet Father Covidmas. Dressed in a traditional one-piece bright yellow HAZMAT suit and wearing a blue surgical facemask instead of a beard, deserving and undeserving children and adults can expect a visit from this new cultural icon, who surreptitiously accosts his victims and leaves them the gift of a high temperature, a new, persistent cough, change or loss of taste or smell, and social ostracism for the foreseeable future ...

Children can't go to a department store and whisper what they want to a jolly, benign old man while sitting on his ample lap, as they're not allowed to approach closer than two metres. Besides, no matter what they ask for, they all get the same thing (see above) ...

8th of 7, Nov 08 2020

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       .....wot? No bottle of bleach to drink as a cure?
xenzag, Nov 08 2020

       Everyone knows that it's the Little Orange Elves with Tiny Hands bring bottles of health-giving hypochlorite solution to specially stupid children ...
8th of 7, Nov 08 2020

       Ah - the delightful bleaching action of chlorine reaction: sodium thiosulphate + chlorine gives sodium chloride + sodium tetrathionate. It's a very old memory.
xenzag, Nov 08 2020


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