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Italian Christmas Tree

aka the ghost of Christmas pasta
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The aftermath of Christmas with a real tree can be a total mess. Pine needles are everywhere, and then there are the remnants of the tree to dispose of. Italian Christmas Tree solves this problem.

It comes in two parts: A stout tapering stem which features a series of nodules, each of which is equipped with a set of location holes. These holes allow the insertion and support of the individual branches displaying the actual ferns.

The second, Italian part, lies in these fern branches being made out of green pasta. Now when Christmas is over, the tree is simply dismantled; the branches being broken up and dumped into boiling water, then served with a tomato sauce and some fresh Parmesan cheese. (a modest tree makes many servings)

Next year, you just order up some fresh branches and build your tree again.

xenzag, Dec 08 2012


       Im a buyer! if you make a kit that turns it into a giant lasagne I'm an investor
vfrackis, Dec 08 2012

       [+] (to be decorated with meatballs!)
xandram, Dec 10 2012

       + for the subtitle
hippo, Dec 10 2012


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