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Snuggly garment with a waterproof hood
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Baby likes to ride on daddy's shoulders. Also likes to regurgitate at inopportune moments. This is a detachable hood on a business suit that prevents unwanted morning departure delays.
FloridaManatee, Feb 29 2004


       Needs some sort of trough-collar to prevent baby goo from dripping down on to the suit.   

       Keep one of those cheap rain ponchos handy?
half, Feb 29 2004

       what do you plan to do about the urine marks on your collar?! +
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 29 2004

       doubles as an anti pigeon dropping hood too. i bet.
krod, Feb 29 2004

       Available as a set with matching motherhood.
bristolz, Feb 29 2004

       If it were a hood of the little-red-riding-hood type with the little shoulder-cape attachment it would provide protection for the suit. It should also have handles on the sides so the kid doesn’t have to hold onto your eye sockets.
AO, Mar 01 2004

       HA HA!   

       I think it's more a front-load idea, [AO]. Rather than piggy-backpack, but I could be wrong. <wipes tea and pretzel bits off computer desk>
k_sra, Mar 01 2004

       Of the several dozen high-volume offspring upchucks that've landed on me so far, I must report that none have landed on my head. I'd go for some protection around the shoulder/chest area, though.
oxen crossing, Mar 03 2004

       staples work too, but they might not be as vomit-proof as tape.
Aerythes, Mar 03 2004


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