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The Fedora Helmet
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There's nothing more fashionable than a (red) beard, a fedora and a cruiser-bike (I know, I'm so vain today). Only problem: fedoras offer no protection. The engineering problem thus: create a fedora that works as well as a helmet.
cartoon_nate, Jul 30 2008

(?) Fedora(ish) Hard Hat http://www.thefedor...wthread.php?t=21687
One man's version. (For the record, hard hats like these without the customized band are available from Vulcan and come in black, white, off-white, and natural.) [jurist, Jul 30 2008]

like this... http://itknowledgee...2008/04/red-hat.jpg
...now with added crash protection [4whom, Jul 30 2008]


       I think this is how Oddjob started. But then he had a crotch injury after a long road race, gained 120 lbs, got the job with Goldfinger, and discovered that a sharpened brim added value to his helmet.
bungston, Jul 30 2008

       Apparently you can't crash with Fedora. That's what the Linux guys tell me...
wagster, Jul 30 2008

       I like. + Now get to work on the beret.
blissmiss, Jul 31 2008

       Okay y'all... I think I should sue: http://www.yakkay.com/
cartoon_nate, Aug 18 2008


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