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Faucet Rubber

Protect glasses from faucet damage.
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Metal and glass don't mix, and when you add my tactile ineptitude to the mix, things go haywire. I thought this probably existed already, but I can find nary a reference anywhere, save the two slightly related items in links below.

When I'm washing glasses under the kitchen sink faucet, I need something to save my glasses when I clink them violently against the metal faucet. Seems a little rubber sheath over the end of said faucet ought to do the trick.

Maybe it could screw into the interior threaded portion, incorporating the screen. It should protrude out around its circumference a bit, so that the edge of a tipped glass clinked against the faucet might not connect with metal above the rubber.

awesomest, Aug 20 2007

for beer taps http://www.freepate...ne.com/4736890.html
the basic idea, but for a different spigot [awesomest, Aug 20 2007]


       Would this be really soft and smushy - Stretch Armstrong type stuff? If so, you could pinch the nozzle to produce a jet, useful for sticky bits.
bungston, Aug 20 2007

       Fairly widely known to exist, no? (link)
wagster, Aug 20 2007

       I don't know if it's widely known in the UK - but I've never seen this, and there isn't that much mention of it online, either.   

       The primary function of a "tap swirler" is to soften the flow of water out of the tap, yes? It just happens to be made out of plastic, which would make it less likely to break danielo's glass.
jutta, Aug 20 2007

       When I was growing up, every tap I ever saw had a tapered rubber tube attached to the end of it. We used to squeeze them and fire jets of water around the kitchen.   

       Widely known to exist everywhere except in America, it would seem.
xenzag, Aug 20 2007

       Wow! My American brain had never heard the phrase "tap swirler," so found nothing, I did. Seems mostly baked, then, eh? If there be a call for deletion, then comply I will.
awesomest, Aug 20 2007

       I've seen rubber mats for crystal washing, but never a tap swirler.   

       It would be cool if the cover was shaped kind of like an elephant's trunk so you could swing the faucet out of the way and still wash directly under the water.
nomocrow, Aug 21 2007

       [nomocrow] While I like your idea mucho, I envision my tap-end being very much not "in-the-way" -- so that you wouldn't necessarily have to swing it out of the way. Nevertheless, animal heads are a nice addition.
awesomest, Aug 22 2007

       Great! If I Google for "Tap Swirler", this idea heads the list.
baconbrain, Aug 22 2007


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