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Head-Pedal Faucet Attachment

Use your head!
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Since not every place has access to the modern technology of electric-powered motion sensors controlling sink faucets, this Idea is for a mechanical alternative.

The faucet handle is connected to a series of linkages that lead to a spring-governed "pedal" located near head-level (keep in mind that different heads are different heights above the ground). One pushes the pedal with one's head to activate the water flow; the spring shuts the flow off. This frees the hands, so that dirty hands need not touch the faucet handle, nor do soapy hands need to touch it, either.

But the primary goal is to conserve water, so that it only is running when one's hands are actually positioned where the water would flow. Possibly one of the biggest wastes of fresh water is related to turning on a faucet, and letting water flow while the hands are nowhere near the faucet (like when applying soap).

For folks who refuse to use their heads, a more-expensive (because longer linkages) foot-pedal version is available.

Vernon, Nov 17 2016

Why conserve fresh water? http://environment..../freshwater-crisis/
Is it not "lowering the standard of living" if no fresh water comes out of the faucet? [Vernon, Nov 17 2016, last modified Nov 19 2016]


       I'll never understand environmentalists' fetish for lowering the standard of living to any degree necessary to achieve even the smallest return to a non human-centric ecosystem. Sometimes I suspect it's a disguised self-loathing. Sometimes I think it's undisguised misanthropy.
Voice, Nov 17 2016

       //(because longer linkages) foot-pedal//
The sink/taps are normally around waist height, so a link up to head-height will be about the same length as a link down to floor-level. And feet are more dextrous than heads; feet are always at floor-level, where-as head-height is very variable.
Sorry, [Vernon], this one's dead in the water...
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 17 2016

       We purchase water that comes from the lake and our used water is treated and goes back into the lake. I could set up an artificial river in the backyard and the only thing that would suffer would be my bank account.   

       Still, people don't water their lawns much/at all, just out of induced habit, I suppose, though there is evaporation.   

       However, half an hour's drive and Nestle is taking water out of aquifers for a licensing fee of $3.71/million litres after getting a permit (and if the aquifer level is at a "high risk of causing environmental damage" the permit fee goes up, woohoo); a couple of hours drive and Detroit is draining Lake Michigan into the Northeastern US so they don't have to build an effective sewage treatment plant, and a couple more hours down the road, a town which is outside the drainage basin which has drained their aquifer has just sued and won to build a pipeline from the Great Lakes.   

       So fuck.
FlyingToaster, Nov 17 2016

       So it doesn't make you wet just to think about this idea?
normzone, Nov 17 2016

       Geography provides us with a decent enough closed system locally, but consumption for the sake of consumption is pretty dumbass - a holdover from hunt-gathering and peacock displays. If B.Fuller had managed to get that spray brush on the market I'd have one of those in the shower as well.   

       I'll take a foot-pedal. One for the kitchen as well.
FlyingToaster, Nov 17 2016

       I moist have one also ...
normzone, Nov 17 2016

       [neutrinos shadow], the ability to bend over, which many do while accessing the sink, means that a head pedal can indeed have shorter linkages than a foot pedal.   

       Also, it should be obvious that a head pedal is a more HalfBaked notion than a foot pedal. That's all the excuse I need to promote this Idea's primary suggestion.
Vernon, Nov 17 2016

       [bigsleep], the "about" page for the HalfBakery, once upon a time, used the phrase "poorly though out" to describe Ideas posted here. Usually, that leads to "crap" Ideas.   

       On another hand, an Idea that might reject some sort of social norm is not necessarily either "poorly thought our" or "crap". Can you explain exactly why you might prefer a food pedal to a head-pedal? What if you had been raised in a culture where head-pedals were common, for other things than the one described here?
Vernon, Nov 18 2016


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