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Feature Proposal Exchange

A StackExchange like website were we can propose and discuss features for anything
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Wouldn't it be nice if there was a NewFeatures.it website with a stack-exchange like interface where you post images or discriptions of the great new features you want for some app or website.

Everybody can comment and add their input and there will always be those who know how to get the interest of the giant or tiny company that otherwise is too busy or too big to notice your proposal.

So the thing is that its easy to test this out and check if it would work. All I need is a community of people who are willing to try it out and get it going. StackExchange (or StackOverflow, I'm never sure which is the platform and which the programmers' place) has an Area51 website where I can offer the creation of such a website with their platform, and get it going. But I need a few of you my (hopefully) friends to put your names up here, saying you would be willing to try it out. Currently the idea is halfbaked but we can refine it and make it happen.

I envision extra components that would become a fantastic product in itself for having the lay(wo/)man propose UI for any platform. But first we need the stack-exchange up and running.

After filling in the other fields I came up to this: "3. Please link to the organization or website organizing this effort: If you do not yet have a community organized, ready and eager to build your site, please do not submit this proposal."

So take a look at the screenshot in the links and please tell me if you are willing to try it, (or discuss the idea with me a bit, and discourage the rest of us so we don't waste our time)

pashute, Jul 06 2020

Screenshot of Area51 demand for a community https://snipboard.io/WX0n8e.jpg
[pashute, Jul 06 2020]


       nobody joining? :'''''''[]
pashute, Jul 07 2020

       You could kind of use the "Issues" tab of any github repo for this purpose. It's kind of optional in terms of whether your thoughts are taken up and discussed by others, or the developers, but that's normal in any forum-based communication. So for open-style github-hosted software at least, this is very much a thing.
zen_tom, Jul 07 2020

       No. The new features on stackoverflow would overflow with users while a forgotten project on github wont be anywhere near the feel you get posting on an active website.   

       Also, after we are up and running, you get an automatic UI componentizer that takes the image of your app or web page and allows you to create interactive presentations of the feature by breaking it into parts and changing the texts etc. Letting you quickly "wireframe" the new look and additional feature.   

       Takes the screenshot and reconstructs the elements on the screen.
pashute, Jul 07 2020

       Please just say you are willing to try it.
pashute, Jul 07 2020

       One browser -- I believe it's Opera -- has an amazing feature wherein anyone can tag and comment on any part of a web site, and then share those tags. If only that turned out to be the Chrome-killer...
4and20, Jul 08 2020

       Whilst there certainly are lots of dark mouldering corners in github, if a project is being actively maintained, then the devs are more likely to respond to feedback, wherever it may be found. And if they're working in github anyway to maintain their project, then that would seem a natural place to post feedback via the existing mechanism.   

       If there were a more general, central functional location for lodging feature requests, then that's not a bad idea, it's kind of an anti-github that's centred on the user experience, rather than the developer-experience.   

       Maybe extend the idea to decouple it from existing software, and create a kind of "requirements-hub" website, where people post their various requirements, which might get aggregated and collated into useful packets, and form the specifications for as-yet non- existent software to address. Those packets of associated requirements are likely to overlap existing software packages anyway, so there'd be a level at which existing software makers might make use of such a resource.   

       But a forgotten piece of software will be forgotten no matter where people talk about it.
zen_tom, Jul 08 2020

       I don't really see how this would work, or how I would ever use it; if the idea was technical enough wouldn't it go on the coders or programmers page, and if it was not technical enough wouldn't it be useless? e.g. "I want my phone to run faster and have better colours and pictures" or "facemazongle should have less adverts" is kind of useless; A lot of more pie-in-the-sky stuff gets posted here. The new proposal seems to have a specific range of useful uses, and you haven't explained (to me at least) who these users are and what the limits of the proposed usefulnesses are.
pocmloc, Jul 08 2020

       Ain't it GitHub Issues? But that's only for part of software... Need it for hardware, and other things. [+]
Mindey, Jul 08 2020


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