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File Death

With apologies to Dr Who and the Daleks.
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When you delete a file, it just... disappears. Well, you can get it from the Recycling Bin on your desktop, but that's just plain boring (for me, that is, but seeing as that I have the mind of a 15 year old, it may be different for the rest of you adults.).

Anyway, I thought that it would be more entertaining to create a 'dalek button' so to speak, so when you delete it, it says, are you sure, you click 'yes', and immediately the file becomes a miniature Dr Who/ assistant/ person that you love to hate and it starts running around the screen.

Then the Dalek appears, yelling 'EXTERMINATE!' and such other wondrous things, and 'chases' the little character around, then shoots it with it's little whisk thing.

Then the file gets sent to the Recycling Bin.

Of course, you could randomise the files death, like a giant foot comes out of nowhere and squashes it, or aliens, but you get the idea.

froglet, Jul 17 2005

(?) A Mac OS 9 init http://www.opensubs...ch.com/1666640.html
[not_only_but_also, Jul 20 2005]


       Well.... I can see this being great for the first few times.
Basepair, Jul 17 2005

       Yeah, I suppose you're right.
froglet, Jul 17 2005

       This can probably be done. There are all sorts of animated cursor programs out there, and may be something like this. What I'd like is something that avoids that "are you sure?" question. Make it so I click on the Exterminate icon, a Dalek appears and blasts the file when I click it.   

       + for Daleks and for being a coherent 15-year-old.
baconbrain, Jul 18 2005

       All 15 year olds are coherent... with their age. We just happen to judge more as we get older. Nice one, [froglet]. +
Pericles, Jul 18 2005

       Oops, sorry [david_s], I just accidently deleted your annotation.   

       By the way, it would depend on whether the Doc had his sonic screwdriver on him or not...
froglet, Jul 18 2005

       If this is done, it will be done by a company with a name like "Bonzi" or "Gator," and the installer will give you "web enhancements" that "tailor the internet to your interests" -- by bombarding you with obnoxious popups.
TerranFury, Jul 18 2005

       Well, no matter what you do, [TerranFury], that'll always happen with a lot of stuff on the net. Once you destroy one, another 5 'pop up' - literally!
froglet, Jul 18 2005

       Mac OS 9 and below had a plugin to make Oscar the Grouch appear and sing a song any time you dragged a file to it.   

       It worked OK unless you had a 5-year-old who'd delete EVERY file on your machine just to see the song over and over again!
not_only_but_also, Jul 20 2005

       How about a little graphical funeral cortege with plumed horses and mutes that transports the file off to a file graveyard in the corner of the desktop, whilst Elton John's "Funeral for a friend" plays. Files wouldn't be recovered from the trashcan, they'd be raptured.
coprocephalous, Jul 20 2005

       of course we'd get tired of any one routine, but I always like the ambulance in "frogger" tht would ride in w/sirens, and wisk away the squashed frog. Hee hee, boy am I old.
dentworth, Jul 20 2005


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