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Fender Tremorcaster

a very big guitar
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Fender Tremorcaster is a very big guitar. In fact it's so big that it has to lie on the ground horizontally and requires two teams of people to play it.

Its strings take the form of strong metal wires on which the first team of players walk along, pressing their feet down to force the cables into making contact with the frets. Chords are played by a choreographed repositioning of the various player's feet.

The second team operate the plectrums, which consist of heavy shovel-like instruments swung in a co-ordinated action like that of bell ringers, to strike the strings and release the notes or chords.

More agile athletic players can run up and down the strings rapidly to create riffs and solos.

Fender Tremorcaster also comes in acoustic form and is accompanied by an appropriate amplification system - Marshall Mammoths. Ear defenders are strongly recommended for all those participants playing the Tremorcaster.

xenzag, Mar 29 2016

Sub-Audio_20Stringed_20Instrument [FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2016]


       Since the frequency of a string is inversely proportional to its length and the square root of its mass per unit length and proportional to its tension, unless it has a lot of tension (which would mean your fretters had better not just be on foot, but, say, mounted on elephants), the aptly named Tremorcaster is gonna be so low-pitched it’d be appreciated only by, say, blue whales.   

       Which is not uncool, especially if you could not only get whales to listen to it, but to play it.
CraigD, Mar 30 2016

       Weren't these popular during the big band era?
AusCan531, Mar 31 2016

       [CraigD] - My technicians will take care of all of that, and I give them full access to the entire contents of our extensive smoke and mirror laboratory.
xenzag, Mar 31 2016


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