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Sub-Audio Stringed Instrument

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...very thick cables strung on a large, robust frame, playable with a "chainsaw bow" (which is the only way you'd get volume out of it).
FlyingToaster, Oct 25 2009

Bridge Musician http://www.josephbe...module=webpage&id=5
Musician Plays Suspension Bridges ... 8O [mr2560, Oct 27 2009]

Harmonic Hammock Harmonic_20Hammock
Stringed instrument for relaxation... [csea, Oct 27 2009]


       Wouldn't the cables jam the chainsaw?
pertinax, Oct 26 2009

       not an actual chainsaw, just something that totally resembles one except not a blade (a loop with ridges on it), and not noisy (by itself).
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2009

       I recently strung some wires across my carport (to stop it falling down quite so quickly) and noted that, when plucked, they vibrated at frequencies below audible. It fairly quickly got boring, as I couldn't hear anything.   

       Maybe if you had a large efficient soundboard you could get a high enough sound pressure level to feel the vibrations.
spidermother, Oct 27 2009

       thinking of feeding the stage itself.
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2009

       I have a faint remembrance of a circus tent strung with (bowable?) cables. Can't recall if it was a Youtube video or an HB idea.   

       Something similar by [half] - [link]
csea, Oct 27 2009

       This is the start of an excellent idea. It seems to be missing the part where the note is shifted up again into the audible range so that you play audible music.
wagster, Oct 27 2009

       //audible range// some of the higher cables, but it's meant as an actual sub-bass to add oomph to bass notes.
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2009

       Cool. [+]
wagster, Oct 28 2009

       They actually did something very similar to that here in Seattle - attaching strings from the top of the Space Needle to the bottom, and a group of people played it. It was built for the Bumbershoot festival one year and they called it the Space Harp
Joolin, Oct 28 2009

       Cool. Weren't struck high tension cables used to make the laser sound effects for the first Star Wars?   

       //laser effects// I'd like to get more of a sine wave; just enough harmonics to be able to tune the 'strings' with one of those massive wrenches.
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2009


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