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Ferret Clinger

To help them cling easier...
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A special garment that comes in long and short sleeve, with a thick, grabby outer layer (I'm thinking wool or Velcro) on the shoulders and back so the ferret's claws can cling easily without slipping. Innermost layer is kevlar to keep the claws from lacerating your skin. I can personally vouch for kevlar's merit as a comfortable garment material because I have a 2-ply kevlar sweater that I had made from a bunch of old kevlar armguards that I'd accumulated while working at the Kaiser Aluminum factory last year. It's very soft, supple, breatheable, and works great at keeping thorns out (I wear it when hunting and camping). Could also work great for bird lovers.

Note: I'm aware that you could always wear a thick sweater or a coat made of thick material, but on a warm day you don't want to have to wear something that's so warm all over, do you? Any idea if there's something like this already? If there is, please let me know.

21 Quest, Apr 15 2008

Just the thing you need. http://txfowlers.co...AL_GHILLIE_SUIT.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 16 2008]

Ferret penguin-eaters http://www.newzeala.../NZJEcol21_1_89.pdf
[mylodon, Apr 20 2008]


       Is it so difficult to eradicate ferrets?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 15 2008

       A bun just for "two ply kevlar sweater".
normzone, Apr 15 2008

       Been away a while, [21Quest]?
Texticle, Apr 15 2008

       Pictures queues of people waiting outside the doors of the shops when these hit the streets... welcome back 21 +
xenzag, Apr 16 2008

       Add a special "ferret pouch" at midriff level so that the ferret can curl up and get the benefit of body heat. Or maybe like a shoulder holster.

       // eradicate ferrets //

       Why would you want to eradicate such a cute, friendly, useful species ?
8th of 7, Apr 16 2008

       They eat penguins. And what is cuter? A penguin or a ferret?
mylodon, Apr 16 2008

       Now now, mylodon. You're just trying to provoke evilpenguin, aren't you?
Canuck, Apr 16 2008

       Ferrets eat penguins? Come on now...

       (note: the computer I'm using seems to be malfunctioning, so if another comment from me appears... sorry. I typed a longer one but it doesn't appear on my screen.)
21 Quest, Apr 19 2008

       Terrible problem - antarctic ferrets. They burrow into the snow and make snow caves called "mentraxi" to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch the body heat from all of the little ferret cubs melts the mentraxi into a larger hole so that the roof becomes thin. When a penguin walks over the top of the mentraxi it collapses, the unsuspecting penguin falls in and gets devoured by the little ferrets.
wagster, Apr 20 2008

       Sp.: mentraxii (for the plural).
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 20 2008

       [wagster] Obviously you are unaware of the emmigration of the penguin population. Have you never read Swiss Family Robinson? Penguins have left Antarctica and have been moving farther north, for centuries, hopping from desert island to desert island, avoiding* these mentraxi. It won't be long before they arrive in California, but they won't have a chance, with all the domesticated and feral ferrets.

       *edit -- they are avoiding, not seeking
mylodon, Apr 20 2008


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