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a safe way for dogs to get to the park
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The dogway would be and enclosed fence-like tunnel that leads from various apartment buildings to the park (a dogs off leash park of course) Well-trained dogs would be allowed to barrel down these tunnels so they could go out more often. (and see their doggy friends too!)
futurebird, Jul 20 2001


       Yup, there are off-leash areas in the east river park.
futurebird, Jul 20 2001

       The labs would love that... the critters swim you know ...
futurebird, Jul 23 2001

       watch the chinese restaraunts re-direct the tunnels :P
Ching, Jul 26 2001

       I was under the impression that jumping in either the East River or the Hudson would alsmot definitely result in Hepatitis or some other nasty virus....I've been to NYC my share of times and neither river appears to be safe for any living thing to submerge themselves in......
novox, Jul 26 2001


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