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Fhoam! Calls

Foam option for your mobile phone
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Most mobile phones have a vibration alert, as well as a selectable ring tone and volume, but even that may not be enough for that one extra special call that you simply cannot miss.

For these occasions there is Fhoam!

Fhoam! is an attachment that will emit foam of any colour when your mobile rings. It cannot be ignored, as it pours relentlessly out until you shut it off by answering the call. Naturally only preselected callers will have the extra digits given to them to activate Fhoam !

Need me urgently? - get me on the Fhoam!

xenzag, Jan 08 2007


       Reminds me of working on the trading floor. The brokers would fill their colleagues' phones' earpieces with shaving foam while they were off the desk, then call them up on their return.   

       I'm thinking there are not many situations when this feature would actually be useful.
DrCurry, Jan 08 2007

       21....my phone is waterproof, and this IS an attachment, so the phone should be ok. DrCurry - would you not relish the sight of Fhoam! (note new name) gushing out of your mobile across the table in a crowded restaurant ?
xenzag, Jan 08 2007

       ... can they make cell phones waterproof? - they made mine waterproof - it says on it. Nokia something or other.
xenzag, Jan 08 2007

       // I'm thinking there are not many situations when this feature would actually be useful.//   

       It just keeps getting better! [+]
shapu, Jan 08 2007

       Lord, shave us.
wagster, Jan 08 2007


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