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Mobile Phone Jolt

Never miss another call
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* NOTE * This idea may not be suitable for those who are pregnant, suffering from heart problems or fitted with a pacemaker.

Out in the street? Noisy, isn't it? Missed a call on your cellphone? Annoying, isn't it? Set your phone to vibrate but didn't notice? Even more annoying, isn't it?

Set your phone to "Jolt" mode and when it rings, it emits a short sharp electric shock which catches you in the leg through the pocket of your trousers.

Never miss another call! And laugh at people as they suddenly walk all funny shouting "Aaauueergh!" before pulling out their mobile phone and answering it.

May not be suitable for crowded trains, though.

Or for use in the rain.

kmlabs, Jan 04 2005

Jolting phone http://www.economis...fm?Story_ID=1534708
[skinflaps, Jan 04 2005]


       SoMo1, or a version thereof?
skinflaps, Jan 04 2005

       Kind of, except it's just a quick shock to alert you to the ringing, not related to the volume of the other person's voice.   

       <off topic> Don't you think they've got that the wrong way round? If you're getting shocked because the other guy's shouting, he won't hear you when you say calm down... so you shout at him, he gets angry because your shouting gets him shocked, and before you know it... both your batteries are flat.</off topic>
kmlabs, Jan 04 2005

       Yep, that's the way I see it.
skinflaps, Jan 04 2005

       I've just read that article in your link properly. Very amusing, and at the same time interesting. I especially liked SoMo2 & 3 - although I'm not sure about the joystick and saxophone keys: why not just have a "hmmm" and "yeah" button on the phone?   

       These could provoke hours of debate...
kmlabs, Jan 20 2005

       ...15 months later and no debate has been had.   

kmlabs, Mar 15 2006

       Yes, this^.   

       Similar to the walking funny and shouting "Aaauueergh!" in my original idea...
kmlabs, Mar 15 2006


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