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Fiber-optic Comb

A comb with fiber-optic light and lens teeth.
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It would be nits at times to be able to clearly see a scalp. Often, there is so much hair or vanity that one is precluded from seeing the scalp or hair roots clearly. Other people have not the eyesight to clearly see through the coarse roots or the nap down to the scalp, or to where light can't penetrate.

The Fiber-optic comb is plugged into a computerized image mapper that takes images from each comb tooth and combines them into a tableau. By this merging of closeup scans, a scalp is visible as a two-dimensional and highly detailed image that can be enhanced and should be readily magnified for best assessment.

I have in mind a method of establishing scanning height for good focus. Does this exist?

dpsyplc, May 27 2004


       Did you already talk to a professional about your obsession with scalps?   

       Assuming that there is a valid reason I suggest to use the fibers just as scanner pixels so you don't need any optics. You will still need a major software package to make a picture from the pixels. If you feed short laser pulses of variable wavelengths into the fibers and look at the fluorescence you may even be able to detect various scalp diseases.
kbecker, May 27 2004

       (+)for the idea. However, you can use very high resolution handycam with nightshot feature (infrared rays enabling vision in the dark)& magnify the images so that there is no need of software etc.and if i have understood correctly, your basic aim is to be able to detect scalp diseases.
vedarshi, May 27 2004

       Did I say 'nits'? Meant to say 'nice'. My cousin's little daughter must've distracted me.
dpsyplc, May 28 2004

       My actin's as old as the wrest of me. Your friends may pull your leg, but life pulls you by the hair.
dpsyplc, May 30 2004


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