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GP Watchdog

Security cameras and guards who monitor the work of GPs throughout town
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Ever had a horrible experience with a doctor? And noone believes you?

Well, this won't happen again!

With the new security cam system, these doctors will be monitored by a totally seperate organisation, which can possibly sue the doctors on behalf of the patients for malpractice and inethical conduct.

No more dodgy doctors!

chaoticmind, Oct 16 2003

(?) this idea was taken from here http://www.davidbrin.com/tschp1.html
"The Transparent Society" -David Brin [ato_de, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

The Transparent Society https://en.wikipedi...Transparent_Society
The first link is dead... [pashute, Feb 25 2016]


       who guards the guards?
po, Oct 16 2003

       The guard, guards silly.
silverstormer, Oct 16 2003

       leave silly out of this..
po, Oct 16 2003

       And the guards make a fortune by selling the footage on the black market.
oneoffdave, Oct 16 2003

       There is a ready supply of witnesses already available and randomly selected to ensure independence - the other patients in the waiting room. Obviously the solution is to have glass walls throughout the building - also solving the problem of what to do when you've finished reading the 100-year old magazines in the waiting room.
dobtabulous, Oct 21 2003

       There's a lot to be said for all professionals to record all their interactions with customers for defense in case of lawsuits.   

       But all too many medical lawsuits are more of a grudge thing, a reflection more of the patient's anger that God/fate/the world could have been so cruel to them, taken out on a stand-in human patsy. Not only do accidents happen, we will all leave this world one way or another, and even a perfect doctor cannot postpone that moment indefinitely.
DrCurry, Oct 21 2003

       [DrC] Shouldn't that be "human pasty"? If so I'll have the cheese and onion...
silverstormer, Oct 21 2003

       I like it, and then there's the convenience of having the doctor there in case the dog bites someone.....
prodigalaunt, Sep 28 2006

       Do you not know that these doctors have taken a hippocritical oath, to always do their best to help people? The dog would definitely learn some new tricks at the gynecologist.
prodigalaunt, Sep 28 2006

       I think all christians, who believe in heaven should quit going to the doctor. Why postpone heaven anyway? Whatever happened to gods will?
prodigalaunt, Sep 28 2006


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