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Fiber optic IR and night vision invisibility

(warning, not for use near equator)
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So it turns out that Polar Bear fur, (Polar bears are actually black, only their fur is white), renders them almost invisible to night vision cameras and, as long as the outer surfaces of each hair match their surrounding temperature, almost invisible to infra red cameras as well.

This sounds like something a Canadian or Russian boy might be able to use.

I propose a winter Cammo Ghillie suit comprised of densely packed tapering fibre optic cables emerging from a Vanta-black coated wool garment.

Wool will help insulate while wicking moisture from the wearer and render such an individual far less likely to be shot during winter combat.

fibre optic and lens cloaking
[xaviergisz, Jan 29 2021]


       Meanwhile, in an Australian heatwave, when summer temperatures can stay above 30C all night, it wouldn't take much to achieve a similar kind of IR invisibility by reducing apparent body temperature to match ambient. There might be a tell-tale plume of evaporating coolant, though. Of course, if you're a crocodile, you tend to match ambient temperature anyway.
pertinax, Jan 28 2021

       + beautifully halfbaked   

       i had a dream that i saw a Sasquatch and when he turned sideways his reflective hair looked like a *mirror* which actually caused him to mirror the surroundings and made him appear to be invisible.
xandram, Jan 28 2021

       // This sounds like something a Canadian or Russian boy might be able to use. //   

       Is there an additional mechanism for suppressing body odour ? Polar bears have exquisitely sensitive noses and can detect prey at considerable ranges.   

       It's not much good being able to hide from human opponents in an Arctic environment if you still get eaten ...
8th of 7, Jan 28 2021

       //Is there an additional mechanism for suppressing body odour?//   

       No, but the suit could exude essence of Siberian Tiger urine.
That'd probably do the trick.

       It probably would. However, first catch your Siberian Tiger ...
8th of 7, Jan 28 2021

       I'm sure there are a few in zoos we can synthesize essence of Siberian Tiger urine from.   

       Should even be non-invasive to the captive.   

       Hell of a job description to post in the Situations Vacant, though.... "No prior experience necessary, but must have own jug... self-first-aid skills highly desirable... uniform provided with laundry allowance... generous death-in-service benefits... "
8th of 7, Jan 29 2021

       and the the recruitment propaganda just writes itself:   

       ...something something orange is the new black... Black and Orange lives matter... Feline Up!... Nine lives or bust!   

       The paws that refreshes.   


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