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box spring death ray

neighbor's said he seemed like such a nice man...
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The most powerful way to use solar energy is to focus as much sunlight as you can onto a small area. Google solar furnace and see examples. Trouble with all these is that they are too hard/expensive to build. Solution: find a rusty old box spring or two and prop it up on its edge. Then get some 3" square mirrors (this is the only expense) and silicone each one on the top of an individual spring coil. Adjust the angle of each mirror by using two short pieces of tiewire from the spring back to the frame and if done properly not only will this contraption get you arrested, if one were to mount it onto the back of a mule and take it to Afghanistan perhaps the CIA would buy it for a couple of million. At the very least one could lay it down flat and use as a tanning bed.
dora, Nov 03 2005

similar idea http://www.eskimo.c...amateur/mirror.html
not an inane solar furnace based on the same principles [dora, Nov 07 2005]

another one http://www.solardeathray.com/
same type of design but without the esthetic of a rusty used bed spring. [dora, Nov 07 2005]

big one same principle http://www.charm.ne...rgy/solarforge.html
If you look at these links you can see how much time was spent. I built mine in two afternoons. [dora, Nov 07 2005]


bristolz, Nov 04 2005

       It's not about energy. It's a weapon.
dora, Nov 05 2005

       this may well solve the homeless problem.
benfrost, Nov 06 2005

       Well it either zapped [bris] or put her to sleep.
hidden truths, Nov 06 2005

       [dora]: I am intrigued by this weapon and I have many questions on its operation.   

       How does it damage it's targets? By focusing sunlight onto the victim? What would be the estimated range of such a beam?   

       How would 3" square mirrors achieve a focal point? Perhaps some kind of lens or curved mirror would be more appropriate.   

       Does the power of the weapon vary with the amount of rust on the springs? Why are the mirrors the only expense? - can we get silicone sealant for free somewhere?
Jinbish, Nov 06 2005

       Bubbs, nothing farfetched about this and good luck with your other wish.   

       jscotpete this is my first idea because I got an account on the 2nd. If I keep thinking I know I'll get another one.   

       jinbsh, 1. heat 2. yes 3. the focal point can be varied from about 1 ft to 30 ft. 4. if all the mirrors are focused onto the same spot then it's called a focal point 5. yes 6. see 7 7. you can get a free tube of silicone by sending me a sase with an essay entitled "19 things that we can used silicone for".   

       Here is my reasoning for using free/cheap materials; the solar industry is crammed full of engineers who have made the general public believe that in order to use the power of the sun one must make lenses and curved mirrors. This is hogwash, and it's expensive hogwash.
dora, Nov 07 2005

       Adjusting your mirror angles is going to be very tough. Not only will you have to be able to adjust the angle of the mirror on the spring, but you will also have to be able to compress the entire length of the springs by various amounts. You'll have a death ray, but you won't be able to adjust the damn thing.
daseva, Nov 07 2005

       works fine in my backyard
dora, Nov 07 2005

       Oh. Well, then. It's baked.
daseva, Nov 07 2005


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