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File Indexer with SQL

A drive indexer (like Google Desktop) that accepts SQL queries
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I like Windows Search, and I like Google Desktop even more, but they're still limited in their functionality. What if I want to search a whole folder of HTML files to make sure the number of left tags and number of right tags match? What if I want to search the same folder for files not containing a DOCTYPE declaration? Proposed is a drive indexer that accepts nontrivial SQL queries.


SELECT FileName FROM DriveC WHERE FolderName LIKE 'C:\\Inetpub\\wwwroot\\%' AND UPPER(FileName) like '%.HTM%' AND UPPER(FileContents) NOT LIKE '% <!DOCTYPE%' ORDER BY FolderName ASC, FileName ASC;

I, Kevin Durette, hereby release this idea into the public domain if a lack of prior art allows me to do so.

kevinthenerd, Jun 10 2011

Halfbakery: Commercial Database OS Commercial Database OS
I think you've described it better, but this was my attempt at trying to outline something like this. [zen_tom, Jun 10 2011]


       Grab the Windows ports of common GNU utilities from http://unxutils. sourceforge.net/ or, better yet, grab Cygwin (and mintty) to get the same results and a heck of a lot more from a number of ubiquitous *nix text processing utilities.   

       One of several ways to perform your example search in Cygwin is:   

       find /cygdrive/c/inetpub/wwwroot -iname *.htm |while read filename; do grep -iL '<!DOCTYPE' "$filename"; done |sort   

       (I'm certainly no shell guru; there may well be several better alternatives to my example).   

       From one Windows user to another, it's well worth installing Cygwin and taking the time to learn the bash shell and common *nix command line utils.
Capt Skinny, Jun 11 2011


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