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fungal recognition

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Identify wild mushrooms by taking a picture using cell phone camera
bob, May 12 2017

PlantNet.: http://identify.plantnet-project.org/
It does exactly this for all manner of flora, but all the data is crowd-sourced, so it should be possible to start curating a mushroom database. [zen_tom, May 12 2017]

Pl@ntnet Ts&Cs http://identify.pla...org/api/about/terms
[hippo, May 12 2017]


       Hmm... emerges from dark, moist environments; opportunistic; fickle about living environment; made of proteins; possibly delicious and nutritious... we now have a more complete picture of [Ian]'s origins and personality.   

       In other news, Google has (had?) an interesting feature whereby you could insert an image into the search bar. Your app could be a shortcut to this feature, already in progress.
Sgt Teacup, May 12 2017

       Check out PlantNet app (linky) it does this for plants, using images of leaves, bark, fruits or flowers. Presumably once people start uploading mushrooms as well, it will start opining in that respect.
zen_tom, May 12 2017

       (+) ...but I wonder if there will be liability issues if someone eats mushrooms which the program deemed non-poisonous.   

       Pl@ntnet avoids that with some disclaimer text: "In no event shall Pl@ntnet be liable for the accuracy of the results obtained by the use of the Pl@ntnet software. Pl@ntnet shall by no means be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may incur as a result of the use of the application." (link)
hippo, May 12 2017


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