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Film Goudron

Film Tar
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Take Film Noir, and change the format from black and white to yellowish-brown and black.

All characters in the film are constatnly smoking. Whenever a character meets another character, a smoke container is opened and a fag offered.

Mostly detective based characters labor over heaping ashtrays, smoke in elevators, on airplanes, and the workplace.

Should be pretty gross, and unglamorise smoking well.

Giblet, Jul 27 2007

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"the irony of my idea, was wholly unnoticed" [jutta, Jul 28 2007]


       Yay, another antismoking idea. Wouldn't it be great also to edit out all the cigarettes from old movies, as has been suggested? Doubleplusgood idea, Giblet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2007

       How about a film with a backstory where everyone is always coughing, hacking and dying of cancer?
nuclear hobo, Jul 28 2007

       That Mr.Hobo, would just be clips of people coughing. A backstory requires more elements.   

       As well, the irony of my idea, was wholly unnoticed, as pretty much any Film Noir piece just needs a pallete change to acquire this (white to yellow).
Giblet, Jul 28 2007

       Sigh at point to help file.   

       There is some irony in the idea, but the core of the idea is not ironic.   

       Again, thanks for the inpuT.
fancypants, Jul 28 2007

       //A backstory requires more elements.//   

       "The experiences of a character or the circumstances of an event that occur before the action or narrative of a literary, cinematic, or dramatic work: At rehearsal, the actors developed backstories for their characters."   

       Cancer induced by a lifetime of smoking is both a backstory and unglamorous.
nuclear hobo, Jul 30 2007

       I have always found smoking, in films or real life, vey sexy - probably the way you have to purse your lips much the same way you do when kissing. But that has never inspired me to smoke, in films or real life, so I have never understood what the fuss about smoking in films is all about.   

       Are people really so weak-minded that they mindlessly copy the dangerous lifestyles portrayed on screen?
DrCurry, Jul 30 2007

       If this wasn't such an antismoking site I'd post a slightly different idea. An easy chair that watches the TV with you, and upon detecting a cigarette on the screen, automatically dispenses one for you too. It then offers you a light and reveals a nice clean ashtray. A fan aboce your head begins to whirr quietly blowing air towards the newly opened window. You get a craving whenever you are reminded of smoking anyway, so...   

       It could also listen out for the words 'smoke', 'cigarette', 'fag', etc and be able to recognise cigarette product placement like big billboards advertising Marlboro, in order to supply smokes whenever a craving might be forthcoming.   

       Similarly, for those trying to quit, it could dispense gum or one of those nicotine pens that you suck on.
theleopard, Jul 30 2007


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